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Jerry and Dorene---Thank you for calling this afternoon. I just received the attached article in a magazine that I receive every month. The lead story is on an Aero Commander that has been rebuilt such as I did with the one that I acquired and had rebuilt 21 years ago. This is about the tenth article I have read about the rebuilding of an Aero Commander. This design is now 50 years old and that fact that they are being rebuilt and not sent to the bone yard says a lot about the airplane. I am not aware of any other general aviation aircraft from that time period (early 60s) that can make such a claim. In fact 90% of those other makes (Cessnas and Pipers) were sent to the bone yard 20 to 25 years ago. The airplane in the article is just like Gramp's 1961 Aero Commander, the only real difference being that Gramp's had more powerful motors (350 horse power versus 290 horse power). I think that Lawrence would be proud to know that he got to fly such a great airplane that has passed the test of time. Jerry

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