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South Bend Tribune Sunday Supplement April 23, 2006

The following photos are through the thoughtfulness of Ralph E. Gerhart
and John Hammes Mowbray

Getting ready Thursday noon. Over 31,000 visitors
through Sunday afternoon.

Jim O'Connor setting up.

Don Snyder Jr.,Ron Stealy, Jerry Sieradzki, Don Galeziewski, Dick Brannan,
Boom, Joe Reynolds, Hunt, Walt Egierski, Couquet and kneeling is Jerry B.

"ND" license plate

Bookstore entrance.

Dick Brannan (left) and Jerry Hammes with visitors.

Tears of sorrow and happiness. The end.
RIGHT to LEFT...Connor Kruggel, Jim O'Connor, Jerry Hammes
and Phil Zwickl

Dick Brannan (left) with friends.

Melanie Willamowski, Jim O'Connor and Jerry Hammes setting up.

Heading home Sunday evening. Over 31,000 visitors
between Thursday evening and Sunday afternoon.

Photos taken by Mike Long

Bendix car show gathering Summer 2004 is where and when the car display at Notre Dame conversation developed.

It's over and successful smiles

The 4 Romy Hammes-Brannan Race Cars were furnished and owned
by Don Snyder Jr. for the display.

Snyder Trophy

Family Tree
Hammes Archives