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It Began Dahl Motors

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Andrew H. Dahl purchased the general store in Westby, Wis., in 1884, with Otto Galstad, and they called their business Galstad & Dahl, General Merchandise. It was later called A.H. Dahl & Co. General Store, and Andrew’s sons — mainly Chester and Harry — helped run the business. While Harry was in Niagara Falls on his honeymoon with Nellie Alice Riege, he received a telegram that alerted him to the news that the Ford Motor Company had made A.H. Dahl & Co. General Store a Ford agent. Model Ts began hitting the streets in that small Wisconsin town.

The Model Ts first arrived packed in crates and not fully assembled, and the Dahls had to assemble the components. Soon, other members of the Dahl family became involved in Ford dealerships of their own, in Marinette, Plymouth, Racine, Viroqua, Oshkosh, La Crosse and elsewhere. The family purchased the La Crosse Ford dealership in 1915 from the Hofweber family. Soon, booming sales prompted Harry to purchase more land at Sixth and King streets in La Crosse and construct a two-story building. The second floor housed the assembly work.

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