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Lafayette Blvd. South - First Location
The location when the dealership was purchased April 1, 1940. There was an alley between the first location and the second location.

Lafayette Blvd South - Second Location
This was occupied approximatly a year later. This was a better building since it had a decorative stairway to the second floor office area. It also had an elevator to the roof to store new car inventory.

Lafayette Blvd North - Third Location
This was occupied some time during WWII.

Olive St. - Fourth Location
This location was occupied at the Grand Opening in 1965. It was however, occupied a number of years prior with the body shop.
truck repair, truck sales, and Super Duty franchise.

Western Ave. - Fourth Location
This location became the used vehicle sales lot in 1965. Prior to that it was new vehicle storage extending east for several blocks.

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