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No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

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In the 1960s when the South Bend Public Library asked to have free overnight and week end inside parking for their non Ford Bookmobile Hammes said yes. When it came time to replace that Bookmobile they ignored Hammes for a quote. A non Hammes Ford was purchased. It came as a surprise that Hammes told them where they could shelf their Bookmobile.

It is very rewarding to help friends in need with deeds like when in the 1970s a friend wanted to go fishing way up North and wanted to borrow a van to "load up" and tow a boat. He like the idea so much he purchased a non Hammes Ford Van.

A newly employed ND grad moved to South Bend. His family needed a station wagon for vacation out East. They had no money for that purpose since ND was never known to pay that well. A friend of Hammes and him made a plea that he needed a station wagon and had no funds, so Hammes complied. When the pay went up he purchased a non Hammes Ford. Never given a chance to quote.

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