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1969 Ford GT 500

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John Hammes Mowbray at the University of Notre Dame in September 1969 by the North Dining Hall. First driven by Jerry Hammes, Romy Hammes Ford Dealer in 1969 for 6,000 miles. In 1999 is owned by someone in Iowa. He loaned it to Ertl so they could produce a scale model. He also mentioned it was to be in a movie shot in Iowa.
Serial#9F03R482467 Sticker $5,033.75.

Shelby GT 500

Jerry Hammes - Carrol Shelby - circa 1968 - Chicago Hotel

This cover car is the actual car you see through these series of photos

ISBN: 0873496450
Complete Book Title: Standard Guide to 1:18 Scale Die-Cast Cars
Author: Merry Dudley
Binding Type: Soft Cover
Copyright Date: 2003
Number of Pages: 256
Size: 8.25 x 10.88 in.
Book Subject: Toys

Exhibit 1.4

Exhibit 1.4

Jerry Hammes Mowbray

Jerry Hammes Mowbray

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