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433 Farley Hall, Notre Dame, Indiana - 1949~1950

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It was located on the top floor in the north west corner. Larry Pridmore a class mate of 4 years at Marmion Military Academy was my roommate. That room ordinarily would house an assistant rector. Larry did not have a room assignment and was on the waiting list and my parents suggested to Notre Dame he be my roommate as I would need some help with my class work. The toilet flush tank convienently held several beers. I was able to meet some neet class mates such as Chuck Doud, Vic George, Joe Finan, Harry and Brian Kelly, Paul Rupp, Bob Kinaire, and Gene Fanning. The east entrance of Farley Hall was only within a few feet of Juniper Road, which ment we were a few feet away from being off campus. It was also the end of the line turn around for the city bus service. Farley was a freshman residence.

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