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Howell Point - 1946 ~ 1952

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Hammes 1st location on Howell Point, 2nd location on Diamond Lake. Residence on Howell Drive lots #13 block #17 & #14 block #17. Out lots on the other side of Howell Drive NW #12 block #14 & NE #10 block 16 (pie shape) on each side of Cass Road, behind LO Gates (NE) and Wozniak NW.

1946 LIFE September 23

Dorothy and Romy waving to their 3 children Kax, Ramayne, Jerry, unknown. In the water is a Thompson boat.
The house on the right is the residence of Rose and L.O. Gates which they acquired at the suggestion of Romy when they were looking for a residence at Diamond Lake.
This came about when Romy was driving into work to South Bend to the Ford Dealership. When he saw L.O. Gates, the Chevrolet Dealer, who had ran out of gas, also going to work in South Bend. So Romy gave him a ride to the gas station.

Romy was the featured story in the contents "U.S. SUCCESS STORY 1938 - 1948." This was the Howell Point feature.

Romy and Dorothy residence Diamond Lake Michigan August 1952

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