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Long Time Friends - 1940 ~ 2005

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Long time friendships that began in the 1940s continue to be best friends on October 12, 2005. We gathered around the dinner table at Diamond Lake, told stories, laughed and some got teary. The hostess presented in theatrical form a gift that was meaningful to that particular friend that reflected way back in its contents. Helen, Art, Ernie, Pat, Jane, Heps, Dorene, Bob, Shirley, Jerry.

Jerry's, a Wallet Photo.
Diamond Lake the summer of '45.
Helen 7th grade school,
Jerry high school freshman.
Others cropped out. Pat McKinley. Bob Hatfield.

Dorene's, a Hand Painted Water Color.
By Shirley's aunt in the early 1930s.
Tap dancer. Blonde hair. Trim body.

Dorene's, a Book "Only Dollie".
It speaks for itself.
Published 1904. Nina Rhodes.

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